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Κάμερα Θερμικής Απεικόνισης Flir B60

Κάμερα Θερμικής Απεικόνισης Flir B60

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Έγχρωμη οθόνη υψηλής ευκρίνειας 3.5" (89mm) με ανάλυση 180 x 180 pixels (32.400 pixels) με 16.000 χρώματα
* Συνοπτική ταυτόχρονη μικρο-απεικόνιση όλων των αποθηκευμένων εικόνων για εύκολη επεξεργασία
* Συμπαγής αδιάβροχη κατασκευή (meets IP54 dust/splashproof standards), με εργονομική λαβή για σφιχτό κράτημα
* Μπαταρία ιόντων λιθίου μεγάλης διάρκειας (5 ώρες συνεχόμενης χρήσης)
* Δέχεται κάρτες 1GB micro SD που μπορούν να αποθηκεύσουν ως και 1000 θερμογραφικές φωτογραφίες σε μορφή JPEG
* Όλα τα pixels της οθόνης μπορούν να αναλυθούν θερμικά μέσω του ενσωματωμένου προγράμματος QuickReport™

Instant Imaging - Captures entire room to reveal wet conditions behind surfaces, such as enameled walls and wallpaper and even in places where moisture meters canΆt reach

Insulation Alarm - Easily detects areas that donΆt fulfill the insulation requirements

Dew Point Alarm - Displays areas with risk of surface condensation where mold growth could occur

Sharp Image Resolution - With 32,400 pixels (180x180)

Visible Light Digital Camera - 0.6MP resolution with LED lamps provides sharp images regardless of lighting conditions

Fusion Picture in Picture (PIP) - Displays thermal image super-imposed over a digital image

0.1 degree C Thermal Sensitivity - Provides the resolution needed to find problems faster and easier

Optimized Temperature Range - Measures from -20 to 120 degree C targeting building applications

Thumbnail Image Gallery - Allows quick search of stored images

Radiometric JPEG Images - Patented technology used to save images in standard JPEG format for easy e-mailing and analysis using QuickReport PC software included

1GB microSD card - Stores more than 1000 Radiometric JPEG images

Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery - Replaceable battery lasts for 5 hours of continuous use

Area (Min/Max) Mode - Spot marker shows the Minimum or the Maximum Temperature reading within the selected area


Field of view (FOV): 25º x 25º
Close focus limit: 0.12 m
Focus: Manual
Min span (auto/man): 5/4
Thermal sensitivity/NETD: <0.08ºC @ +25ºC
Detector data
Detector type: Focal Plane Array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer
Resolution: 180 × 180 pixels
Image Presentation
Display: Built-in display, 3.5 in. color LCD, 16k colors
Image presentation: IR/visual/PIP/thumbnail gallery
Laser in IR image: Laser in IR image
IR fusion (picture in picture): PIP (scalable)
Object temperature range: -20ºC to +120ºC
Accuracy: +/-2 ºC or +/-2% of reading
Measurement functions: area (min/max). Hot/cold spot marker
Alarm functions: Hot and cold color, dewpoint and insulation alarms
Menu commands: Palettes (Black and white, Iron and Rainbow), Auto adjust (Manual/Automatic)
Set-up commands: Date/time, language, auto off, display intensity
Measurement corrections: Emissivity table plus variable from 0.1 to 1.0; reflected apparent temperature
Image storage
Storage type: Removable SD micro Memory Card (1 GB), storage capacity (more than 1000 images)
File formats: Standard radiometric JPEG
Compability: Reporter 8 and QuickReport compatible
Laser Pointer
Clasification: Class 2
Laser type: Semiconductor AlGaInP Diode Laser: 1 mW/635 nm red
Power system
Battery operating time: 5 hours at 25ºC
Battery information: Field replaceable, Display shows battery status
Charging system: In camera, AC adpater
AC operation: AC adapter, 90-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Input voltage: 11–16 VDC
Environmental data
Operating temperature range: –15ºC to +50ºC
Vibration: 2 G, IEC 68-2-6
Shock: 25 G, IEC 68-2-29
Encapsulation: IP 54
Data communication interfaces
USB: Image transfer to PC
Physical data
Weight: 600g
Size: L × W ×H: 235 × 81 × 175 mm
Languages: 21 different
Dew point calculation: Dew point calculation
Visual Imaging and optical data
Visual camera: 2.3 Megapixels
Min focus: 0.4 m
Lamp: 2 leds
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